A certain Embu Man by the name Robinson Karumba brought his village, Gakwegori in the outskirts of Embu to a standstill when he stormed the local mortuary with quite the atrocious demand; he wanted to resurrect his wife.

And he was not alone as he tagged along his whole congregation considering he’s a pastor who were supposed to witness this great miracle.

The mortuary attendants were thrown in utter shock but never the less they let the man have his way. So for 5 straight hours, then man went into total prayer mode asking God to deliver his wife back while in great support of members of the Eagle Ministries.

He had promised that by 3PM that his wife would be up but that time came and nothing!

He proceeded until 4PM when he eventually gave up and walked away totally disappointed.

Now I’m curious to know what he explained to his congregants later on and to his youngest that she had promised that he would be coming home in the evening with mommy.