For the longest time now, rumour was always been rife that Kalonzo was on the verge of quitting NASA and that was made evident when his Wiper Party gave a 7 day ultimatum that they would ditch the party if the man was not named flag bearer.

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Now a popular Senator, Boni Khalwale has come to defend Kalonzo saying his exit was far-fetched as he had worked with him for 4 years in CORD and there was no way he was going to let that all go to waste.

In the process he also revealed what exactly was ailing the Kamba king pin….wait for it….the devil!

 “I’ve worked closely with @skmusyoka in CORD for 4 years plus. He puts Kenya b4 self & won’t succumb 2 satanic temptations 2 bolt from NASA, “ Khalwale tweeted.

Interesting times ahead I tell you.