Gospel braggart Ringtone is not quite done raining on everyone’s parade and constantly reminding whoever bothers to care just how fabulously rich and blessed he is.

And for the second time now, the arrogant singer has doubled down on his claims of being the RICHEST singer in Kenya – even with his tenant drama and all.

In an interview with the Nairobian, the singer came for Willy Paul and Bahati castigating them harshly and condemning them to a life of poverty and struggle and warning them to change their ways if they needed to reach his financial levels.

“I do not sing to eat. No, God has blessed me abundantly with business ventures that support my living standards and for that reason, I can tell off anyone without fear or favour because I have my own money,” brags Ringtone as quoted by The Nairobian.

“Maybe you don’t know it, but I am probably the richest gospel artiste in Kenya. Some of these small boys you see misbehaving in the name of the Lord are on their way to making music. They have made no wealth whereas, I have made both music and wealth,” boasts the musician.

He also says that he loves to pick fights with his fellow Gospel mates as he’s the latter day Jesus who walks into Chapels to whip and cane those that are desecrating the House of The Lord.


“I made my money by working for the Lord with honour and humility. That is what I keep telling Willy Paul; that the day they will start walking on the path of the Lord by first ceasing to sing music that is on the fence (sic), the day they will be born of God, that is the day you will hear that Bahati owns a house in Runda and Willy Paul owns a mansion in Karen,” says Ringtone.

“As long as they keep the current trend, they will come across as big names in the local gospel industry, but continue living along Mombasa Road and Eastlands, ‘sijui huko ni wapi!’

I am praying for these boys to fall in Jesus’ name! Some of them may need not only to change their ways of living, but even their names because of public perception,” he adds.

He speaks big, this man.  And speaks so arrogantly. As is vintage Ringtone.