Nairobi, March 31- Details have emerged about Uhuru Kenyatta son’s much awaited church wedding.

The wedding had been sheduled for December 2016 was later pushed to 2017 March.

Uhuru’s eldest son got married to his college sweetheart, Fiona Achola at an invite-only function in Gatundu. That was on Saturday, November 6.

Jomo and his bride at the couple’s dowry payment ceremony

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Immediately their traditional wedding was formalised in a ceremony known as Itaraa, word broke out that the two were planning a grand white wedding.

It was supposed to happen tentatively in March of 2017. It hasn’t and we have hit April already.

Jomo and his wife, Fiona Achola at their traditional wedding in Gatundu

Now, has managed to dig for informations and received word that the wedding will go down before August 2017.

In our estimation, June sounds like a probable date in order to give the Kenyatta’s ample time to campaign before the General Election in August.

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Jomo met his wife, Fiona in South Africa where they attended school together. Fiona is the niece to Cabinet Secretary for Defense, Rachel Omamo.

She works in Nairobi as a senior banker and hold two Master’s degrees!

Now, we can all wait for the wedding.