Kimilili MP aspirant has rejected a direct nomination offer from NASA ahead of the August 8 General Election

The ODM party gave out direct nominations to 427 aspirants including governors, MCA’s and MP’s

Didymus Barasa was among the people who got direct nomination- an offer that he has since turned down

Kimilili MP hopeful, Didymus Barasa has rejected ODM’s fat offer of a direct nomination ahead of the 2017 General Election.

Speaking to a local daily, Barasa said that he had been shocked to find that he was nominated even though he had made it clear that he is in Jubilee.

The move by ODM to nominate aspirants even those who are in the Jubilee Party was interprated to mean that ODM was grappling with low numbers.

“When they approached me, I told them that I am in Jubilee. I wonder how they fraudulently registered me?” Barasa queried the nomination.

Barasa insisted that no amount of coercion would make him decamp from Jubilee. He is sure that Jubilee will walk all over NASA in August.

ODM handed out 427 nominations that included elective positions for Governors , MP’s MCA’s and Senators.

The nominations culminated in chaos by those who missed out on nominations.