After many speculations started circulating over who really was the baby daddy to Citizen TV actress Jacky Vicke, the truth has finally been revealed.

We all know Jacky Vicke, also known as Awinja on TV, is pregnant and looks so radiant and sexy while at it.

What we didn’t know is who was behind the gorgeous baby bump and now, its been made pubic – it’s some dread-locked dude named Alfred Ngachi who works for┬áSync Media as the executive creative director.

Jacky Vike

Awinja has managed to keep the man private all this time but its seems like she has to finally reveal him after bloggers started suggesting that Churchill Show comedian Sleepy was the baby daddy.

Sleepy later DENIED any involvement with the matter.

Well, now we know the man behind the bump…And he looks as good as we expected her man would.

Check him out;

Jacky Vike's man

Jacky Vike's man

Jacky Vike's man