Sean Andrew is not happy at all and it’s all courtesy of Kilimani Mums.

He’s well aware majority of them are thirsting over him and he was one message for them; he’s not interested!

Actually he thinks all the attention should be diverted from him and put into good use; like learning a little more about birds and their role in the ecosystem.

What a douche!

“I appreciate all the love being sent towards me and all the admiration from women. I’m humbled by it. It doesn’t add to my ego or anything. I’m grateful but I didn’t know about this Kilimani Mums thing. Quite honestly, it’s not that it makes me uncomfortable but I think they would do better with their time if they use that group for something positive other than thirsting over guys. They are grown women after all. They could lead by example in doing something positive. That’s what I believe,” He told the Star.