Uhuru Kenyatta’s Mediamax has launched a new TV station to rival Royal Media services Inooro TV.
The Station, Kameme TV has been in the offing since February 2017 when it was supposed to go live.

The Kenyatta family has reportedly spent hundreds of millions in producing content for the TV.

The content is produced at Riverwood in Nairobi and will target the Kikuyu speakers who are al over Kenya.

Inooro TV has been a favourite of many and is followed closely by Njata TV, Gikuyu TV and Three Stones- all vernacular channels.

Its entry into the market will be interesting to watch as it will bring competition in terms of content which is produced in vernacular.

There are claims that Uhuru will use the station to speak to the Kikuyu speakers during the campaign period.

The TV’s sister FM, Kameme FM is one of the most successful radio stations in Kenya.