One of the models and actors who featured in the controversial pro-LGBT Same Love music video has stunned the internet after sharing some very NSFW photos.

Dayon Monson, the Tanzanian-Kenyan gay activist and model, famed for his appearance in the video, that was subsequently banned by the KFCB, has uploaded nude photos of himself sitting astride on a black chair…

He seems confident in the pose and doesn’t seem to worry too much even in the caption that he posted.

He then cautions people from ‘trying this at home‘ and claims that he wasn’t totally nude in the photo shoot.

“The beauty might be stimulating, but the nude is the integrity of soul. And art can never exist without naked beauty display 🌹📷…. Warning 🚫 don’t try this at home because i wasn’t naked 😂😂” he wrote.


Still…it’s too much. No?