Finally i got the pleasure to visit the City of Kisumu. I never understood the reason as to why they say “everybody is educated on the streets of Kisumu” but trust me, now i do. Their command in English is quite unique. And trust me, their nature is quite notable because even those who do not know you tend to know so much about you than you yourself. And yeah they are proud of who they are…their pride is felt and expressed in more than a 1000 ways.

Where all the good fish is.

The beauty of it is that they are so warmly and welcoming. I wouldn’t hide the fact that they really do admire white skinned ladies (Rangi ya Thao)



This is a beautiful Hotel know as St. Johns Manor Le Savanna. The views are just breath taking and their rooms are very exclusive and very comfortable. Their meals are also mouth watering especially their delicacy of fish!



Well this is more than a garden restaurant by the famous Lake Victoria. The view is very pretty although part of the side lake looks deserted. The restaurant have excellent Fish.

If you want to get some sense of cultural food in Kisumu, then this is the place to be. The road might not be Friendly but trust me its worth the Hustle.

Cant wait for my next visit in Kisumu City.

Oriti  Uru Jober !!!