Not only are they both talented artists, but Kenrazy and Sosuun are slowly establishing themselves as the true definition of what couple goals are all about.

They recently just shocked Kenyans after announcing they were expecting Baby number 2 in the most mind blowing way possible with a one of a kind photo shoot which also incorporated their daughter.

And it seems that was just the beginning as Kenrazy is set to make his union to Sosuun official by marrying her in a colourful white wedding.

“We knew each other before all the fame. In her eyes, I am the most handsome man she knows and to me she is the most beautiful woman ever. Our families have supported us in a big way and we had a vision about the direction of our love from the word go.” He said in recent statement.

And just to put the naysayers in check that he was surely the romance Don, he ended his statement with this:

“We understand each other pretty well and we live every day like it’s our last day on earth. Sosuun is my wife and it’s only a wedding which is remaining. We will have our wedding soon.”

A lovely couple indeed.