What do you want to be when you grow up? pose that question to many young people in Kenya and probably none of them would say an accountant.

Because why? It’s boring and very safe as opposed to photography, aviation and new age professions like blogging which are considered to be fun and totally cool.

Now here is the thing, accounting is one of the most highest paying jobs in kenya as new research has revealed.

According to the Nation, Bankers and accountants topped the list best earners in Kenya, with those in the public sector taking home an average of Sh145,233 per month while their colleagues in the private sector got Sh139,793 last year.

This is however little as compared to those working in Multinational organisations like United Nations, World Bank, foreign missions and African Union bodies where workers are paid an average of Sh249,396 per month.

And that’s beside other perks that come alongside the basic pay.

So before you turn down that offer to study accounting, please make sure to make an informed decision.