Nairobi, Monday, April 24 – Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo is on the limelight after it emerged that he uttered derogatory statements about women in Kenya.

Speaking in Kiambu on his campaign trail, Kabogo reportedly asked women to line up like the udder of a dog in order to receive handouts.

At the same rally, Kabogo asked the women in the region to give their daughters to him if they were interested in having another king.

The statements caused an uproar on social media with a majority of Kenyans calling for the boycotting of his campaigns.

Defending himself after the information made rounds online, Kabogo said that his opponents had sensed defeat and were using underhand methods to smear mud on his person.

The statements had come just a few days to the Jubilee party primaries that fell apart amid controversy, irregularity and chaos.

Kabogo is up against the current Kabete MP, Ferdinard Waititu who has since teamed with Nyoro in order to bundle Kabogo out of office.