Photo credits by MurashWhat a graceful weekend that was. Event hosted by Ali Ady Najib at Arboretum Grounds Nairobi on Saturday the 21st April 2017 was one of the most amazing interactive time to spend a weekend. it couldn’t get any better than it was.


Just a bit of history about Arboretum, it was established as a trial plot for fast growing exotic trees species to meet the high demand of fuel wood required for the Kenya-Uganda railway line and to help save Kenyan Indigenous Forests. Nowardays its considered one of the most beautiful forest one can visit to meditate also have a picnic. Many use it for Photo shoots and exercising point.

Amos and Josh perform @kukufiesta

The duet namely Amos and Josh really made people break off their back..They are such great entertainers lol and recently dancers!!!! They were the main act of the event. This was not their first event but it was the most successful that they have pulled. This begs the question from many as to why they chose the name “kukufiest” but all they had to say was “its all about the kuku and good music”

its evidence the crowd couldn’t hide their love for this lovely duet. And as they say…its fun to dance crazy than to dance cool funny on this one, the funs got it right.


This performance got people going kooo koooo and the dancers were not making it any easier for the guys…they have such skill…

The duet believes that talent cannot be taught but expressed and that’s what they are all about.

H_art the band perform @kukufiesta

H_art the band was also part of the featured band during this event. Group members met at Kenya National Theater during a cancer awareness play…Their journey hasn’t been an easy one but their strive for success has led to their optimism which is faith that leads to their achievements.

H_art the band @mordecai

Music is food to the soul…its the only way the mind and heart are able to scream and make people listen. For me, I think its the best way to unwind.



@leband254 perform @kukufiesta






Turn up was massive. Cant quite explain the joy of the funs because most of them loved the event. Generally their cliques were very posite and supportive.

@Leband254 is a group of four guys. Their interest is to make Kenyans appreciate live music and spread music that not only passes a message but also entertains. their common personal interest include eating, dancing and socializing and from what i saw…..they are exactly that.

@kamwari showing love to @leband254 during #kukufiesta







This is where it all began. The african drum….beating to the old tradition rhythm…twisting to afro-beat feel…only the swaying of the body could explain the experience.

DJ FLINCH before his performance @kukufiesta

M.C @AliAdy..a.k.a that cute guy.

@mwikali and @Aisha from life&style…also present @kukufiesta

Dj Namosky perfoming @kukufiesta










Music from the Dj was on point….From Dj Dj Smasher…Dj Namosky…to Dj Mitch…to Dj Flinch…toDj Joels all made the crowd proud.

Looking forward to the @kukufiesta and more other surprises from Amos and Josh and all other featured artists.