“So amazing how this world was made

I wonder if GOD is a woman

The gift of life astounds me till this day

I give it up for the woman”

Those are the lyrics to the mega song Strength of  a woman by Shaggy and didn’t really make any sense until I stumbled upon these photos online.

Photos of a woman who has been hit by poverty but has somehow defied it and trudged forward with great hope that tomorrow will be a better place.

It’s the Embassava female tout who has been making rounds on social after she was photographed at the stage calling passengers with a baby on her back.

Can you imagine that?

According to the lady who first aired her plight, apparently she had to tag along her baby to the work place because she didn’t make enough money to hire a nanny to take care of things which she was away hustling.

“Was truly inspired by the lady operating with Embassava as tout.. Working confidently with her baby on her back…it’s not easy but 4 de love of innocent children,let take our bitterness ad cry at night,by day let make it 4 a living…mungu bariki kina mama…” A certain Rossert G Suzan posted.