Nairobi, April 30– Living with HIV might be everyone’s nightmare but for this 24-year-old girl, the virus has been her journey towards self-realization.

Doreen Moraa was born with HIV 24 years ago. Her father was HIV positive while her mother was negative.

Doreen Moraa, 24, was born with HIV and has lived with the virus since. Photo: Twitter/Doreen Moraa

They didn’t even know that she was HIV positive until she fell ill and was admitted to the ICU.

It was in the ICU that she was diagnosed with the virus and began her journey through life, battling the illness, the stigma and the scare that comes with it.

Speaking to a local daily, Moraa says that she has managed to live with the virus by eating healthy and taking her medication religiously.

Doreen encourages youth like her to embrace themselves because the Virus is not a prison term.

It has not been easy because prospective employers have turned her away after learning of her condition. She currently lives off her activism.

She had always dreamt of being an air hostess but her dreams hit solid rock as soon as she underwent medical test.

“We are sorry, our customers are very sensitive, we cannot risk having a HIV hostess on board,” an employer once told her.

And that is not all, the 24-year-old who one day hopes to travel the world says that she has been denied Visas as soon as she submitted her medical check-up report.

“It is like you are not human, it breaks your heart when you see the look on their eyes, you know its a no before they even say it, ” Moraa spoke of her dilemma to Zumari.

On her social media where she entertains her legion of followers with hilarious one-liners and sometimes, bits about her progress, Moraa recently posted a message that has since gone viral:

“Dear HIV
You are the guest in my body and I am the host.We both need to make it out alive so I will take my ARVs to suppress you in my blood and live a positive life,Be nice I will take Care of you
PS:I am greater than you Your Host, Doreen Moraa Moracha #IAmABeautifulStory

If that does not give you the jitters to be thankful for what you have, nothing ever will.