Nairobi, August 21- Kayole anti-crime police officer- Hessy wa Kayole-has gunned down Nairobi’s most evasive criminal best known as Mwanii- a corruption of the name Mwaniki.

Mwanii was the husband to a girl that had been nicknamed Nairobi’s prettiest gangster-Claire Njoki.

A gun recovered from Mwanii- Nairobi’s most-wanted thug. Photo: Facebook/Kayole Crime Free

Shortly after her death during a shootout in Nairobi, the police had placed Mwanii on the wanted list.

According to police reports, Mwanii and several of his cronies had shot down a police officer; in Kiambu town before making away with his gun.

They have also been linked closely to a slew of criminal activities across Nairobi’s Eastlands region.

Claire Njoki who was gunned down in May 2016 was nicknamed Nairobi’s prettiest gangster. Photo: Cleah Adi Vybz/Facebook

Hessy Wa Kayole has become popular on social media where he documents the criminals that he eliminates in Nairobi.
With a group of hundreds of thousands, Hessy sends the warning to the criminals before eliminating them.