Nairobi, August 23- Newly-elected Kenyan MP’s have rejected the proposed pay-cut that had been recommended for politicians.

The legislators have since launched a plot to block the Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC) from slashing their salaries and allowances.

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The MPs who are members of the Parliamentary Service Commission(PSC) have said they will not allow the SRC to reduce their salaries from KSh 710,000 to KSh 621,250 per month.

Led by Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga,they claimed such a move would impoverish the legislators and make them “beggars”.

The MPs claimed that such a cut would affect them negatively by taking away their ability to serve the electorate.

The SRC announced major changes in the salaries of state officials on Monday, July 10 and apart from MPs whose salaries were cut, others included the President, his deputy, governors and Speaker of the National Assembly among others.

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The president had already supported the move to have the salaries reduced in order to make the wage bill manageable.

Uhuru’s salary according to the Sarah Serem- the chairperson of the commission is to be reduced from KSh 1.6 million to Ksh 1.4 million.

The Governors also had their salaries slashed to KSh 924,000 while it was proposed that Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and MPs get KSh 924,000, 764,000 and 621,000 respectively.

Also, the MPs’ sitting, mileage and special responsibility allowances were also taken away by the SRC after a series of complaints from the public and in a bid to tame the wage bill.