NASA strategist and popular provocateur David Ndii was the main guest on NTV last night, Tuesday 22nd August where he revealed some intimate details on NASA’s petition at the Supreme Court and the overall plan for the coalition.

He started by divulging the main reason why NASA  was at the Supreme Court, something majority of Kenyans were not privy to before going ahead to explain the coalition’s agenda in the coming future including or just in case they lose the petition.

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According to him, they would move to the streets and call for mass action and no amount of coercing was going to stop them. Interestingly, even if the court grants them a win, then they will still head on to the streets as they were keen on ending the political impunity existing in our country.

And what is that you might be tempted to ask?

Well, the Rhodes scholar explained as the infiltration of an existing government into all systems and bending the rules to it’s favour. What this does in the long term is create a dictatorship which seeks to subdue democracy and weaken human rights in a country.

And to prevent that, David Ndii together with his ilk was willing to go to the streets and fight for their rights even if it meant them being prosecuted and killed.