ODM chairman and Suba South MP elect John Mbadi is the subject of discussion online and it’s all courtesy of comments he made last night on Citizen.

Usually an ODM fanatic, he went against the norm and supported Jubilee, specifically former majority leader Aden Duale.

He vouched for him to retain his majority leader seat in the August claiming he was exceptional at his job.

Firstly, he described him as a loyalist who had his party’s interests at heart which makes him the best bet.

Secondly, he totally understands his role and executes with utmost passion and dedication. Mbadi described all the bills and agenda’s Duale brought to the house and how he rallied behind them making sure they all sailed through.

He however cautioned him to watch his mouth this time around as he was a bit reckless in his statements something that could work against him.

“He was a bit reckless in hi talks. If he could moderate what he says especially in the sensitive matters such as advocating for Al Shabaab to go and bomb this area and also when he verbally attacked Isaac Ruto with his Hii pesa si ya mamako statement. ” Mbadi reiterated.