Nairobi, Thursday, September 14- Kenya’s youngest member of parliament John Paul Mirigwi has undergone a wardrobe make-over at the hand of Carol Pulei- Uhuru Kenyatta’s stylist.

The young MP during his campaign days before the money. Photo: SDE

The young Mirigwi first made news during his campaigns in which he told the voters that he only owns one sweater.

He was voted for overwhelmingly and became the youngest Kenyan man to be elected to parliament.

The MP fits into a suit in Nairobi. Photo: Carol Pulei

When parliament was convening, he had to travel from his village to Nairobi in matatu and was housed in Pipeline estate by a relative.

He had turned down offers from his politician friends to hitch rides to and from parliament since he did not have a car.

As we speak, he is now the proud owner of classy, tailored business suits, shiny Italian shoes and the demenour of a man who has made it to the big league.

Can you believe the transformation? Photo: Carol Pulei

With a salary in excess of KSh 600,000 per month, the Member of parliament is spoilt for choice on things to buy.

Maybe he will also get a wife. Who knows.