Music maestro Fally Ipupa is on his way to Kenya for an appearance at the popular uptown club – Bclub.

He is also very likely to make a stop-over at the Citizen TV’s 10/10 before heading over to a night of unbridled partying at the Bclub in Kilimani.

The singer has a special love for Kenyans and has in times past referred to Nairobi where he enjoys a wide fan-base, as his second home.

Fally has been on the lips of all Kenyan music lovers especially following the release of his music album – Tokoos.

It is the album with chart-topping jams such as Eloko Yo and Original.

He was also recently featured by Muhombi in his latesr smasher, Zonga Mama which proved why Fally is still the African musical king.

The last time he won an award, Fally was wearing an outfit fashioned by Bconcept which cost an impressive KSh 500k and an incredible 200 hours to design.

So, in matters fashion, he is at the top.

Then of course, the lad can sing and dance.

See you at B-club tonight!!