If you don’t know that Hassan Joho- the Governor of Mombasa was dating KTN’s Betty Kyallo, then we can conclude that you live under a rock.

Joho started dating Betty around April of 2016. A month after she announced her separation from Dennis Okari- a TV guy.

The relationship was all roses. It was fun. Joho was generous. He bought Betty a new Porsche Cayenne valued at KSh 18 million in 2016.

In 2017, the car had duty issues and was repossessed. Almost immediately, Joho bought the TV siren a BMW X6!

TV screen siren Betty Kyallo poses next to the BMW X6 she got from Joho,. Photo: Betty Kyallo/Instagram

Fast forward to 2017. The couple broke up and it was claimed that the governor was too controlling forcing Betty to call off the relationship.

In August of 2016, Betty laid it all bare in the issue of True Love. A local magazine. It was her version of the story, dating Okari, Joho and losing it all.

In 2018, it seems that bad luck is still following the prime time news anchor and the CEO of Posh Palace. An up-scale hair studio and Spa in Kilimani.

ZUMARI.co.ke has learnt that Governor Joho is now sleeping with Betty’s best friend, Susan Kaitanny. A struggling model.

Model and mother of one Susan Kaitanny. Betty Kyallo’s former best-friend who is now dating Governor Hassan Joho. Photo: Susan Kaitanny/IG

As matter of fact, she was recently seen cozying up to the governor at the Mayura Hub Karen.

Funny because, Susan, a mother of one is also married!

In the good old days, Susan was so close to Betty that the two best friends invested their life savings into Posh Palace.

At the moment, Susan is the Chief Operating Officer at Posh palace.

However, an insider told ZUMARI.co.ke that all is not well with the business which is barely one year old.

Employees at Posh hate Susan who is said to be patronizing and difficult to work with.

Betty Kyallo on the other hand is gearing to sell her part of the franchise following the betrayal from her friend.

She has also unfollowed @susanKaitanny on Instagram in addition to deleting most of their photos together.

In the same spirit, Kaitanny has also unfollowed Betty Kyallo on IG even as the grim picture of the love triangle takes shape.

Keep it Zumari. We are following leads and will be posting a follow-up to this story next week.