A top Central Kenya wheeler-dealer, politician, tycoon and City powerbroker has been exposed as having impregnated a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. Or, let’s be fair, daughter.

Maina Kamanda, the former Starehe MP and a man who has bestrode the Nairobi landscape like a Haitian typhoon, has been seeing a Nyandarua nominated MCA chini ya maji and the results of the clandestine affair are now being paraded in the public.

The mzee, who is approaching 70 years old, seems to still have fire in his loins as he managed to impregnate the dashing and gorgeous Nyandarua beauty.

The girl in question is 25-year old Wanjiku Muhoho, a girl who has in the past being labeled as Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece in the media and blogs.

Wanjiku herself is no stranger to the political life as she vied for the seat of Nyandarua Women’s Rep in 2017 but didn’t manage to clinch the seat.

A nominated MCA from Kirinyaga who is carrying Maina Kamanda’s pregnancy.

However, she got herself nominated as an MCA in the County Assembly and is said to have ruffled quite a feather or two in the crop-rich region.

Maina Kamanda is actually said to have been the force behind her appointment as an MCA in the Assembly.

And now, the force behind her very huge baby bump.

Wanjiku, we are told, is eight months pregnant and since she is due anytime, the Politician and married man will be the one offsetting her hospital bills under his own Insurance Card.

Wanjiku’s nomination as MCA is believed to have been pushed by the rich veteran politician.

Maina is also married to two wives and his last born daughter is actually older than his Mpango wa Kando Wanjiku.

DRAMA DRAMA… More details on how they met, the type of cars he has bought her, where she lives and the intrigues behind this earth-shattering politically-charged sexual affair.